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Croc here to stay?

May 5, 2021

In February, we reported the sighting of a Nile Crocodile on the banks of the Nairobi River at the Michuki Memorial Park. Interest, fear and skepticism greeted news of this unusual sighting in equal measure. Guess what, our reptile friend is still around, at the very same spot! Today we stumbled on the croc, doing […]

Sighting a Rare Leucistic Ring-necked Dove

May 4, 2021

Ring-necked Doves (Streptopelia capicola) are common birds in our gardens, parks and even in towns in dry country. They are grey in colour, with darker colours on their back, the iconic black feathered collar and black eyes. Sighting a leucistic Ring necked Dove in the bushes of Ilekunyeti village (2 degrees south and 37 degrees […]

Exploring Mida Creek

May 4, 2021

A blend of red, orange and yellow paints the sky whilst the setting sun casts silvery glitters on the vast expanse of Mida Creek, a tidal inlet in Kilifi County. On the beach, hundreds of silhouettes of birds move with the constant ebb and flow of waves. A suspended boardwalk cutting through the dense thicket […]

Collecting seeds to restore Mount Kenya forest

May 4, 2021

John Mwithimbu spreads out the freshly collected heap of Syzygium guineense seeds to dry on a mat outside Imenti Forest station offices. The sun is blazing hot and the Community Forest Association members are streaming in for a brief meeting. As is the norm, each is carrying a heap of wild seeds collected from the […]

Helping vultures sour again

April 30, 2021

Listen to this ‘Boots on the ground’ podcast where Paul Gacheru, Species and Sites manager at Nature Kenya, talks about vulture conservation work in the country. Listen here

Elusive sighting

April 28, 2021

Great Sparrowhawks have been nesting in a tall eucalyptus tree at the Nairobi National Museum for about a decade. In 2020 the nest disappeared, perhaps destroyed by heavy rain. The sparrowhawks, however, were still sighted at the museum. For three separate days this April, John Mwacharo and I have been visiting a particular spot at […]

Mobile App to boost mammal monitoring in Kenya

April 6, 2021

The Mammal Committee of Nature Kenya and the National Museums of Kenya have partnered with Spotteron Citizen Science to develop a mobile app to monitor mammals in Kenya. The mobile app, known as Mammal Atlas Kenya (Makenya), is currently available on Google Play and Spotteron (www.spotteron. net). Spotteron is a web-based platform that hosts citizen […]

KYELENI, the village less traveled

April 6, 2021

Within Kilimambogo lies Kyeleni, an unexplored agricultural village. On 20th February 2021, the Nature Kenya Youth Committee embarked on a two-day mission to survey the biodiversity in this area. (Kilimambogo is also known as Ol Doinyo Sabuk.) Our journey to the village took longer than expected. Despite being exhausted from the three-hour drive, the team […]

Hope for Restoration

March 12, 2021

The ‘Tumaini la Urejesho‘ (Hope for Restoration) is currently airing on Amani FM, based in Garsen, Tana River Delta. The program seeks to inform and educates the public on forest landscape restoration (FLR) in Kenya, focusing on an ongoing project at the Tana River Delta. The project dubbed the Restoration Initiative Tana River Delta is supported by […]

Tales from the Wild: In Pursuit of the Sokoke Scops Owl

March 4, 2021

It was on a Friday, the last day of our community-led Sokoke Scops Owl survey, and my colleagues and I drove smoothly up the wide and well-surfaced Malindi-Tsavo East road towards Jilore. Our mission was to find a forest track and lay transects for the survey. “Only three more transects to go,” I encouraged my […]