Our work

Advocacy for Ecological Sustainability

Advocacy for Ecological Sustainability

Advocacy is key to keeping conservation issues on the national priority agenda. Conservation of nature is driven by political and economic interests. Political will is where the action starts.

Nature Kenya seeks to enhance public knowledge of nature’s values to create a public push for political leaders to take decisions that support sustainable natural resources management. Weak access to decision-making may expose poor communities to high levels of pollution, remove them from productive land, and deprive them of the everyday benefits provided by natural resources. People determine leadership goals and politics respond to top people needs. Nature values must be made part of top political responses.

We intervene by:

  • Contributing to national environmental policy and legislation processes
  • Collaborating at national and international levels to advocate for conservation of important sites such as the Tana River Delta and Dakatcha Woodland
  • Enhancing capacities of local communities to actively participate and positively influence decisions on biodiversity conservation

Nature Kenya has had significant input into national policy and legislation, including the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, the Forest Act and Forest Policy and the draft Wetland Policy.