Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Nature Kenya corporate sponsors comprise of companies, institutions and individuals that support the conservation of the environment and empowering of local communities.

Annual Corporate Sponsorship Packages

  • Corporate SME- Ksh. 50,000
  • Corporate Regular – Ksh. 100,000
  • Corporate Plus- Ksh. 250,000
  • Corporate Sponsor- Ksh. 500,000
  • Corporate Partner - Ksh. 1,000,000

The corporates choose how they would like to spend the money by supporting communities, sites or species, events and publications. The activities include;

Community support

  • Livelihood (Bee keeping, woodlots, energy saving jikos, mushroom farming, wool spinning)
  • Education & awareness,
  • Capacity building

Site support

  • Tree planting/Restoration
  • Monitoring
  • Management planning and Research

Species support

  • Species Recovery and Research
  • Monitoring
  • Training

Events & Publications

World Bird watch, Water bird Count, World Environment Day, World Day to combat Desertification, publications e.t.c

Benefits Include

  • Support the conservation of the environment in which the businesses thrives in
  • Recognition in Kenya Birding Magazine,  other Nature Kenya publications and the website
  • Receipt of a corporate certificate
  • Use the Nature Kenya Corporate Logo in publications and website under specified conditions.