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Friends of City Park

Friends of City Park

Friends of City Park (FoCP) is a group of volunteers whose mission is to help protect, maintain, upgrade and enhance the park amenities and restore City Park to its past glory for future generations. This group of volunteers came together in response to various challenges that were being faced at City Park including land grabbing, cutting of trees, garbage dumping amongst other pressures that kept on degrading the park.

Over years since its establishment in 1996, FoCP, with the help of various stakeholders, has managed to get an area of 60 hectares declared a National Monument under the Government of Kenya’s National Museums and Heritage Act (No. 6 of 2006); create awareness and drum up popular support; mobilize initial resources for basic park facilities; and work with the National Lands Commission to revoke illegal titles to City Park land, amongst other successes.

What we do

Organize expertly guided nature walks
Rally public support for the park’s long-term preservation
Engage with partners, notably Nairobi City County and the National Museums of Kenya
Mobilize resources and expertise needed to restore and to expand the Park
Organize regular clean up exercises

About the park

City Park, which is currently under the management of Nairobi City County, is a green space in the centre of Nairobi.  It is one of only a few remaining intact portions of the rich indigenous forest that once extended over much of greater Nairobi.

City Park is endowed with a rich diversity of mammals (notably the Sykes monkey), over a hundred different kinds of birds, a rich composition of natural vegetation, an abundant insect life and quite a number of reptiles and amphibians.

How to get there

City Park is located a few minutes from the central business district and is in between two major roads: Forest Road and Limuru road. The main entrance is located along Limuru Road, opposite Aga Khan Hospital, adjacent to the Hawkers’ Market.

Things to do at City Park

  • Nature Walks to discover the amazing diversity of plants, insects, birds and mammals at City Park
  • Buy plants from the nurseries
  • Visit the Boscowen collection, the pollinator garden and the fish ponds
  • Find historical figures at the veteran cemeteries and admire the sculptures at the memorial of Kenya’s second vice president Joseph Murumbi.

Be a friend

Raise your voice and subscribe as a concerned resident who cares here:

Take a step further and volunteer your time and expertise in doing some of the many necessary task:

Fund your passion by donating towards the actions that help bring a safe, enjoyable and beautiful botanical park in Nairobi:


City Park by A Hussein


White Jacaranda by A Hussein