Youth Committee

YC Members

The Youth Committee is an action group of Nature Kenya initiated by the society’s youth members. The membership is made up of people from the society and other institutions with youth interests at heart.

Vision- To facilitate better understanding and appreciation of nature in all its forms (with particular emphasis with East Africa

Mission- To protect and preserve our Natural Heritage through engaging in various conservation and educational activities with communities and other organizations with similar objectives

Motto- Connecting youth with nature

With the task of initiating, encouraging, supporting and maintaining active involvement of youth members in Nature Kenya’s activities
The under mentioned are the main aims and objectives:

Aims and objectives

  • Raising awareness and advocacy in environmental conservation.
  • Organizing outdoor nature based activities which focus on environmental conservation and education.
  • Networking and collaboration (participating in local and international events that involve the youth and environmental conservation.)
  • Facilitating new membership recruitment to Nature Kenya.

Functions and activities

Raising awareness


  • Facilitating, where necessary the recruitment of new members to Nature Kenya.
  • Organizing outdoor activities with a conservation education focus that brings members close to Unique forms of Nature in different parts of the country.
  • Networking and collaboration with communities and other interested stake holders with an aim of emphasizing participatory conservation of Natural resources.
  • Fundraising and partnerships to spear head efforts in innovative conservation procedures.
  • Participating in international, national and local events that involve the youth and the environment.


Specific Objectives

  • To promote conservation awareness and environmental education targeting the youth members.
  • To initiate and stimulate group activities concerning conservation and environmental education.
  • To organize youth camping trips, field excursions, hiking and other outdoor activities aimed at establishing conservation ethos.
  • To organize youth workshops targeting youth clubs and societies in academic institutions with the aim of establishing rapport and generation consensus on biodiversity conservation issues.
  • To work with and involve Site Support Groups in youth conservation affairs and activities.
  • To facilitate a youth exchange programme at grassroots, national and international levels.
  • To facilitate, where necessary, in the recruitment of more youth members to Nature Kenya.

Sub committees and ongoing programmes within the Youth Committee

Education and Outreach Programme -A subcommittee within the Nature Kenya youth committee that seeks to create awareness and educate its members and other institutions on various issues concerning nature based on the interest of members.

Trips and Outings - Organizes tours to unique areas of wildlife, cultural and geological interests with aim of educating and training its members on various aspects that emphasize environmental conservation.

Networking and Collaboration -Linking members to other members engaging in conservation activities all over the country to achieve the ultimate goal of uniting to conserve the environment

Fundraising and partnerships -Writing seeks to facilitate innovative ideas that drive members to engage in various activities in consultation with corporates to conserve the environment in various ways.

The activities include;

  • Trips to areas of interest,
  • Seminars and workshops,
  • Implementation of projects Nature Kenya or any as organized by the Committee among others

The Core Committee

  • Chairman- Edwin Gichohi Njuguna
  • Vice Chairman-Vincent Otieno Onyango
  • Secretary-Mercy Waithera
  • Treasurer-Edson Mlamba
  • Education & Outreach (Networking & Collaboration Coordinator) Susan Kiarie, Susan Kung’u & Edita Bednarova
  • Trips & Outings coordinator  Joshua Wambugu & Chege Kariuki
  • Three advisory Members (previous core members)-Kimani Ndungu, Caroline Njoki, Joshua Wambugu

 Membership, Roles and responsibilities


  • Membership to the Nature Kenya Youth Committee shall be open to any individual who is:
  •  A member of Nature Kenya.
  •  Any individual in Nature Kenya who is sympathetic of the objects of the Youth Committee.


  • Any member seeking appointment within the committee must have been a member of the organization as well as the committee for not less than 2 years.
  • Any individual seeking appointment within the committee ought to put forth his or her capability to handle the responsibilities accrued.
  • The office bearers shall be elected annually at the YC Get Together party in December.
  • Any office bearer can be re-elected for a maximum of 2 consecutive times in a particular moment.

Duties of the representatives

Chairperson - The Chairperson shall;

The Secretary - The Secretary shall;

The Treasurer - The Treasurer shall;

 The Committee Members;

Duties of the representatives



    • Shall, unless prevented by illness or any other sufficient cause, preside over the meetings of the Committee. However, in building capacity, as a matter of urgency, meetings may be held and the relevant updated on the proceedings.
    • Oversee the running of the activities of the committee, including its publicity and communication.
    • Be the person approving funds from the committee kitty after the scrutiny of a comprehensive and relevant budget.
    • Approve of any activity before it is carried out after clear deliberations with the present parties through consensus.
    • Be responsible for the management of the Committee and hence may give directions to the officials as to the manner in which, within the set procedural guidelines, they shall perform their roles.
    • Together with the chair deal with all correspondence of the committee but in case of urgent matters, consult the chairperson or if not available, the treasurer or the secretary him/herself.
    • Issue notices for meeting of the officials and all the general meetings of the committee.
    • Maintain up-to-date records and resolutions of the committee including taking minutes of all the meetings.
    • Compile minutes of all meetings within two (2) days after a particular meeting and attach them once calling upon another meeting.
    • Together with other representatives get updates from Nature, Youth         Committeee or from other external organizations with similar interests.
    • Receive and disburse money and keep a proper accounting basis of all the financial records of the committee, ensuring members contributions are properly banked and recorded with Nature Kenya. This will be done in collaboration with the Nature Kenya accounts section.
    • Plan for and ensure that all drawings are countersigned by the Chairperson or any other party presided upon by the committee.
    • Be responsible to the committee and report statement of accounts at all meetings and make available the same for inspection, just in case.
    • Fully account for all money after an activity within a week; this has to be done in inquisition with the Nature Kenya accounts section.
    • The Committee members will perform as directed by the Committee and shall be entitled to participate in all the activities of the committee upon meeting all the presided over requirements.
    • Raise concerns and contribute towards bettering the functions of the committees.
    • Be responsible at all times for the management of the Committee.
      Meet at least once a month to discuss the Committee’s activities and also plan ahead.
    • Meeting to resolve member (s) issue (s) or to plan for on-coming activities can be called at anytime by the chairperson through the secretary as long as he/she can get a quorum for such meeting.
    • The quorum for the Officials meetings shall not be less than 4 members.
    • All general meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month from 1300 to 1400 hours
    • Members shall be informed of the oncoming meeting via email address with an outline of the agenda (s), a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting not less than 2 weeks prior to the meeting; also an text message will be sent at least one week before the meeting.
    • All minutes will be taken for every meeting held and attached to the notification of the oncoming meeting.