Mammal Committee

The Mammals Committee seeks to conserve Kenya's mammals through research and information dissemination to the local communities and general public. Through educational outings and talks, the Mammal Committee of Nature Kenya works for the conservation of mammals in Kenya, with a special focus on all mammals but with particular interest on least known and researched small mammals (bats, rodents, shrews) and small carnivores.

Ongoing projects

  1. Compiling and up to date mammal checklist in Kenya-in search of funding to print checklist copies
  2. Seed dispersal by Straw-coloured Fruit Bat Eidolon helvum in Western Kenya
  3. Attitudes and perceptions general about bats in Kenya

Welwitsch’s Myotis Myotis welwitschii (Gray, 1866)-the bat photo by: Simon Musila Opportunities

The Mammalogy section of the national museum of Kenya offers collaborative opportunities for scientists and students at all levels from abroad and locally interested in researching in any kind of aspects (taxonomy, behavior, ecology, wildlife diseases & parasites, human-wildlife conflicts, ) of mammal species found in Kenya. Naturalists and armatures are welcome to interact with scientists in the Mammal committee held quarterly in a year at Nature Kenya boardroom.

Online Discussions on Mammals-you can log into face book page-MAmmal ATLAS in KEnya (MAKE) for discussions about mammals species conservation in Kenya including posting of photos, interesting behavior of mammal species and queries about mammals research, distribution and conservation in Kenya.