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Insect Committee

Insect Committee

We share a passion for insects and related creatures. This group was formed to help promote the understanding and conservation of insects and other invertebrates in the country.

We strive to:

  • Promote interest in insects
  • Create awareness of the importance of insects in the ecosystem
  • Promote insect conservation
  • Work with community based organizations in conservation

What we do:

  • Organize lectures
  • Lead outings into the field to study insect species and the niches they occupy
  • Write popular and scientific articles on insect issues
  • Insect identification for the general public

Why should we conserve insects?

Insects make up the bulk of animal diversity and play enormously important roles in the environment. Insects are fascinating, essential organisms whose biology, behaviour and interactions are an important part of human life and livelihoods.

How can you help?

  • Take photos of insects and send to us for identification
  • Observe various insect behaviours, especially pollinators, and tell us about them
  • Fund your passion by donating resources that will help promote various insect conservation projects
  • Buy our books from the Nature Kenya shop and help sustain our projects

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More information

For more information about insects and pollinators please visit:

Download “A Handbook of Pollinator Diversity and Conservation in East Africa” by Dr. Dino J Martins for free


Pocket Guide, Insects of East Africa by Dino J. Martins

Our Friends the Pollinators, A handbook of Pollinator Diversity and Conservation in East Africa by Dr. Dino J. Martins


  1. Produced informative poster boards on insects and pollinators for the grounds of the Nairobi National Museums
  2. Worked with Friends of City Park to produce informative poster boards on pollinators for the Pollinator Garden found in City Park.

Honey bee pollinating coffee flowers by Dr.Dino J. Martin


Calidea bugs in Kakamega by Dr. Dino J.  Martins


Euphaedra_preussi-Kakamega- by Dr. Dino J. Martin


Junonia_Suyian- by Dr. Dino J. Martin


Cymothoe_lurida-Kakamega- by Dr. Dino J.  Martins