Sabaki River Estuary Youth Group

Sabaki River Estuary Youth Group

The Sabaki River Estuary Youth Group is the local Site Support Group (SSG) working with Nature Kenya for the conservation of the Sabaki estuary.


This estuary consisting of intertidal mud, sand flats, salt marshes, dunes, seasonal and permanent freshwater pools, mangroves and scrub is a site well known for globally important birds such as the Malindi Pipit, the Madagascar Pratincole and the Zanzibar Red Bishop.


It is also visited by thousands of migrant waders and resident water birds including flamingos.

Current Nature Kenya’s activities at the Sabaki estuary include:

  • Developing conservation and management plan for the wetland IBA
  • Building the capacity of local communities to negotiate for their traditional user rights
  • Stimulating the establishment of a Community Conservation Area
  • Promoting and initiating Nature Based Enterprises for the locals
  • Bringing together stakeholders in conservation for action for the site

With the help of Nature Kenya, the Sabaki River Mouth Youth Group is involved in the following activities within the site:

  • Mangrove reforestation
  • Bee keeping and production of post harvest products
  • Tour guiding and hospitality services
  • Eco-tourism initiatives
  • Advocating for improved conservation of the Sabaki estuary
  • Biodiversity monitoring of the Sabaki estuary