Plant Committee

1. To promote interest in and study of plants.
2. To educate on the role of plants in the ecosystems.
3. To promote the conservation of plants.
4. To promote the exchange of knowledge between professional botanists and also between professionals, amateur botanists and the general public.


A plant collection outing

The plants committee organises lectures on plants. It organises and leads field trips for specialists and broad interest groups. It disseminates information on plants through publications such as the Nature Kenya Bulletin and Journal and involves schools, environmental and conservation groups in its activities. Other planned activities include the collection of living plants for display at the National Museum Botanic Garden and pressed specimens of the herbarium.

 The committee plans to participate in inventory activities, to compile checklists and reference collections of specific habitats. It also will be publishing notes and guides for selected plant taxa, habitats or areas.

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Saintpaulia teitensis - an african violet