Kenya birding Magazine


Facts about Kenya birding magazine

Kenya birding magazine is a showcase on birds and bird watching in Kenya, including birds identification, news and travel. It supports bird tourism at key biodiversity sites, around the country, as a form of eco tourism, benefitting local guides and communities. It complements other work being done at site with support from organizations like the EU, the Community Development Trust Fund the Netherland’s Ecosystem Grant Programme, Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service.


It is published annually and distributed free of charge to Nature Kenya members both local and overseas.  Its distribution is strategically deployed to make certain it reaches the target audience of travellers. These comprises of adults 34 years and older who are better able to have more time to pursue their interest in birding.


It has over 25,000 local and overseas readerships particularly visitors who attend the Annual British Bird watching Fair in United Kingdom where Nature Kenya and Kenya Tourism Board has showcased Kenya as a tourist destination in the last eight years.


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