Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Group

Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Group

This is a relatively new group of locals who have come together to work for a conserved Dakatcha, a little-known unique coastal woodland where the endangered Clarke’s Weaver is suspected to breed.


Education and awareness are critical to communities living near the woodland as many of whom depend on charcoal production for a living.


There are also threats of commercial biofuel production (Japtropha curcas) in the area.

Current Nature Kenya objectives for the site are:

  • Establish and strengthen institutional and advocacy capabilities of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and agencies to champion for conservation of the site
  • Improve livelihoods among local communities through development of nature-based enterprises such beekeeping and farm forestry
  • Develop a Management Plan for the site through Community Conserved Area approach
  • Develop of eco-tourism infrastructure to market Dakatcha as tourist destination
  • Interest the local administration and other stakeholders to take conservation action in Dakatcha

So far, the Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Group has:

  • Formulated its procedures and formalized its structures
  • Initiated Sustainable NBEs e.g. Ecotourism (600 visitors annually), Hell’s Kitchen; Bee-keeping  (200 Langstroth bee hives & some 20 traditional log bee hives), 10,000 Tree seedlings of Casuarina equesitifolia
  • Compiled a Checklist of the Birds of DAkatcha
  • Annually Hosted World Environment Day & World Bird Migratory Day festivals (attendance of over 1,500 people)
  • Hosted the Finnish Ambassador
  • 4 University/College attaches
  • Produced 700 brochures to market Marafa Hell’s Kitchen as a touristic site.

The SSG’s current activities include:

  • Monthly bird watching
  • Detailed Important Bird Area biodiversity monitoring in February and August every year
  • Awareness creation on environmental conservation issues
  • Proposal writing
  • Annual World Days celebrations e.g. World Environment Day, World Migratory Birds Day
  • Tree planting
  • Bee-keeping