Arabuko -Sokoke Forest Guides Association

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Guides Association (ASFGA)  is the Site Support Group Working with Nature Kenya for the conservation of the Arabuko - Sokoke forest.
Arabuko - Sokoke forest is East Africa’s largest surviving, dry coastal forest covering an area of 400 km2 and providing a unique and important habitat for a number of endemic and globally threatened birds, insects and mammals e.g. the Sokoke Scops Owl and the Spotted Ground Thrush.

ASFGA started out as a guiding group for tourists visiting the forest during the Kenya Indigenous Forest Conservation (KIFCON) project in the early ‘90s. At the end of the KIFCON project, the group got involved in the BirdLife-European Union project due to their expertise in birding and para taxonomy. The group has since then had several developments including the establishment of a football club and a darts club using the two flagship bird species. 
Current Nature Kenya activities in and around Arabuko Sokoke include: 

  • Local capacity building for entrepreneurship development, participatory natural resources management and community leadership
  • Development and promotion of ecotourism activities 
  • Improved rural heath and hygiene
  • Biodiversity Monitoring 
  • Promotion of alternative sources of livelihood for the local people e.g.,  Butterfly farming, Mushroom farming, Beekeeping, Aloe farming and Commercial tree planting, 

ASFGA activities at the Arabuko-Sokoke forest include:

  • De-snaring and anti-poaching campaigns
  • Monthly bird walks
  • Tent hire and camping services
  • Community conservation education. 
  • Customer care, birding and guiding training in eco tourism for the local community. 
  • Capacity building for tour guides
  • Research assistance to forest related studies